We have a team of highly qualified professionals in the mechanical engineering, industrial design and electronic engineering departments that form a set of synergies along with the R & D department with one aim: for our teams to meet customer expectations regarding production, design, quality and energy efficiency.

Industrial design engineering

This department specialises in industrial design to provide comprehensive solutions for your project.

A team with experience, innovation and flexibility to take on new challenges.

Development, 3D design and layout implementation.

Mechanical engineering and production

Responsible for the supervision and manufacture of all mechanical components in the equipment, manufacture, assembly and installation.

We have the latest tools for the manufacture of machinery: CNC lathes, cutting machines, robotic welding, tig, folding and finishing cabin.

Production team consisting of mechanics and electronic experts with extensive experience in manufacturing, assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment.

Electric and electronic engineering

At the forefront of the latest technologies in automation, control, regulation and programming.

Programming experts in SIEMENS, OMROM and KUKA.

Spare parts department

We have a wide range of spare parts for efficient response to the needs of our customers.